San Diego Zoo Centennial
The San Diego Zoo commemorated it's centennial by hosting a community celebration in Balboa Park. Using the centennial logo in various guises, the zoo's creative staff, under the direction of Kambiz Mehrafshani, created a fun, coherent look that enhanced the festive nature of the occasion.
Signage throughout the event featured the logo in various ways, in full-color and single-color variations, full-view and cropped.
A crafts area set up for kids provided the materials to turn the lion head from the logo into a paper bag puppet.
Decorations in eating areas included ceramic balls with the lion head.
A variation of the logo was created for the San Diego History Center in Balboa Park which presented "The Lore Behind the Roar!" exhibition.
Marquees, hang tags, clothing, bags, cloisonné pins and other merchandise featured the logo in a consistent way.
The event concluded with a free musical performance that featured a full orchestra, vocalists, dancers and giant animal puppets.

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