Metro Goldwyn Mayer

I was commissioned to create press kits for the 50th Anniversaries of Citizen Kane, Casablanca and the Wizard of Oz. Elements included brochure, stationary and logo designs with MGM providing the content for the press releases. Art Direction by Elisabeth Peters and Creative Direction by Allison Hill.
An early brochure cover idea included an illustration of Orson Welles.
The Casablanca kit included an invitation to a special screening for dignitaries in Casablanca, Morocco.
An early brochure concept included an illustrated cover and an interior popup of Sam "playing it again" to Rick at the piano.
The press releases were printed on colored paper and die cut to resemble a rainbow in the brochure pocket.
Below are a few of the many rough concepts presented for the 50th Anniversary logo for The Wizard of Oz.
A commemorative coin, celebrating the 50th Anniversaries of Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz, was given to retired MGM personnel on their birthdays.

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